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South Dakota Kayak Challenge

2016 South Dakota Kayak Challenge: Jim Crigler age 66, shown here competing in the 72 mile 2016 South Dakota Kayak challenge and setting a new course record in the solo open class with a time of 10 hrs 28 minutes. Also listed was Frank "Buzz" Carr age 70, who finished the 72 miles in 11 hr. 42 minutes. Both used the EZ-Row system to compete.


I got my EZ-Row assembled Saturday and did 4 miles yesterday morning GREAT exercise! Love your product and how I can now enjoy the River more with it.

Thanks - Ken DeWitt


Hi Mike:

You can certainly use my message to you as a testimonial! I could elaborate somewhat expounding the benefits of forward rowing verses backward rowing on BC’s mountain lakes, which blow up quickly creating whitecaps and 1' to 3' waves. By being able to see oncoming waves, a rower can time his strokes, like canoe paddling. Running downwind one can row and steer readily. Being a keen cross-country skier and sometimes competitive racer (75+class) I always look for off season exercises and rowing fits the bill.

Cheers, Bill Chaplin.


My wife Patti and I have used our EZ-ROW for the past several years on Wisconsin lakes, and have found it to be fun for fishing, for exercise, and for just being out on the water. We’ve used it with good success on both our ultra-light lake canoe and our river canoe. Because Patti is recovering from a back injury, she at this point much prefers the balanced straight-backed motion of rowing to the “one-side-at-a-time” twisting motion of canoe paddling. Because of the increased power and efficiency of the EZ-ROW, and despite her current back problem, she can easily keep pace with two strong people paddling in a tandem canoe. When all is said and done though, we thoroughly enjoy all aspects of traditional canoeing and using kayaks. We strongly recommend the EZ-ROW as a healthful and satisfying mode of propulsion.

Tom Singleton


Hi Mike,

I bought an “extend-a-hitch” that adds another 6' of support to my truck bed. Now I can leave the EZ-ROW system attached and slide the canoe ready to go in the bed of my truck vs. taking apart and loading the canoe on top. So this morning at 5am I experimented with timing and ease of use. It took me 4 ½ minutes to load and tie down, 7 ½ minutes to drive to lake Winona, and 4 minutes to get it in the water. Wow, by 5:30 a.m., I was going strong! The water was like glass and EVERY stroke I got better at rowing. Mike I was actually keeping up with the joggers running around the lake. Of course they were slowing down to watch this unusual rowing contraption. What a great workout! I rowed both East and West lakes (there is a small connecting concrete flow pipe between the lakes), and the canoe slid right through it, and I did it in about 40 minutes. I feel like a new man!!! I love this thing! Thank you for inventing the contraption Mike. I will be glad to speak to any one interested.

Best Regards,
Jim Crigler


Hello Mike:

The EZ-ROW system is terrific! I get great exercise rowing in my canoe, and I can go by myself or take my wife or daughter along, plus I can see where I am going! The mechanism is extremely well made with totally smooth action. I love to get out in the early morning were the benefit of facing forward lets me see the birds and other wild life as I ghost along near the shore. You have created a superior product Mike. I have wanted something like this for years and am looking forward to using it for a long time. I couldn’t be happier with how well it works and how beautifully is made.

Best Regards:
Frank Carr


Greetings from Regina, Saskatchewan.

Finally got on the water with my EZROW today for the first time. It was fantastic - everything I had hoped for. The weather - lots of rain and high winds and my physical limitations - kept me off the water for the longest time. I dropped your EZROW unit into my SPRINGBOK aluminum canoe and clamped it down with the clamps provided - perfect fit! All I had to do was remove the center thwart to accommodate the EZROW unit. I was surprised that the installation was so simple! We have a lake in the center of our city - Wascana Lake and it is quite large with several miles of shoreline. I spent 2 or 3 hours using my EZROW this first time and was able to paddle completely around the lake. Talk about fast! I had a good workout and intend to go out again tomorrow morning - this time on a larger lake where I do my fishing. Still need some work to get the most out of the EZROW unit - I will keep in touch and let you know how I am progressing!


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